Map of Aeneas’ journey according to the Aeneid

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I always love seeing this map!!! (Also the one about Odysseus’ journey !)

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'fun' greek mythology facts!!

  • a sculptor from cyprus fell in love with a statue he carved so aphrodite brought it to life for him
  • a worrying amount of apollo’s lovers ended up being turned into flora
  • leto gave birth to artemis in a matter of minutes and then ended up spending nine days and nine nights giving birth to apollo
  • and artemis began assisting her mother with the birth of her brother as soon as she was born
  • some early sources claim that eros was a primordial being and the 4th god to come into existence
  • king eurystheus became so scared of heracles during his twelve labours that he ended up hiding in a jar
  • adonis died when a boar attacked his crotch
  • one historian claimed that pythagoras (the triangle guy) was a son of apollo
  • the 4th day of every month is sacred to eros
  • and the best one:
  • a disputable myth claims that dionysus was guided to the underworld by prosymnus, who asked to be dionysus’ lover in return. prosymnus died on the journey so dionysus fashioned a dildo from a tree near the boy’s tomb and sat on it to fulfill his promise.
there is very little I don’t love about this cover for Vergil’s Aeneidthis particular version is the Penguin Classics, translated by Robert Fagles (Introduction by Bernard Knox)

there is very little I don’t love about this cover for Vergil’s Aeneid
this particular version is the Penguin Classics, translated by Robert Fagles (Introduction by Bernard Knox)

"Greek myths mention several Islands of Women, where Amazons lived without men, only consorting with neighboring colonies of males at certain seasons when they wanted to conceive their children. Taurus, Lemnos, and Lesbos were said to be such all-female societies. The Greeks apparently feared them. They said the women of Taurus sacrificed to their Goddess all men who landed on their shores; and the women of Lemnos had risen up against their husband and murdered all of them at once. The Greek writers seemed to have no doubt that women could destroy whole populations of adult males, and there was no effective defense against them."
The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, Barbara G. Walker (p. 26) (via ancient-memories)

I have two stories I can tell:
-ones is about how my grandpa almost didn’t graduate from college business school because of a mythology class
-the other is about my senior year of high school Latin III class and their reaction to finding out about Juno and Jupiter being sibling-spouses



In Mesoamerican folk religion, a Nagual or Nahual (both pronounced na’wal) is a human being who has the ability to magically turn into an animal—typically a donkey, turkey, or dog, but sometimes more powerful animals such as a jaguar or puma.

Naguals may use their powers for good or evil, according to his or her personality. The general concept of nagualism is pan-Mesoamerican, and is linked with pre-Columbian shamanistic practices. The system is also tied to the Mesoamerican calendar system, for divination rituals. Also, the birth date of a person can determine whether he or she will be a Nagual. Mesoamerican belief in tonalism, wherein all humans have an animal counterpart to which their life force is linked (think spirit animal, à la Fight Club), is also part of the definition of nagualism. In English, the word is often translated as “transforming witch,” though translations without the negative connotations of the word can be found, such as “transforming trickster” or “shape shifter.”


Also see Animorphs. Okay, so I’m mostly kidding, but the similarities are there.




A quick PSA, because working in a New Age store I realize a lot of people don’t know this.  Keep in mind this is the simple version.

The fella on the left-hand side, that’s Gautama Buddha, the Buddha, the central figure in Buddhism.  Note that he is not considered a god, but a teacher and spiritual leader, the first to attain Enlightenment in his era.  Note also how thin he is.  This is because the Buddha fasted a lot.  He was born Siddhartha Gautama.  Buddha is a title, and not actually his name.

The fella on the right-hand side is not Buddha.  This is a common misconception in the West.  That is Hotai (or Budai or Hotei depending on the language), a Buddhist monk from China and folkloric hero.  Hotai is thought by many to be a Buddha, but he is not the Buddha.  Unlike Buddha, Hotai actually is revered as a god in Chinese folklore, although not in Buddhist practice.

This post is based on things I’ve been taught by my Buddhist coworker but if I forgot or mixed up something important and you are Buddhist and you notice, please let me know.

This has been an informational post.  Have a nice day.



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This is an ancient Roman amulet for luck. Yes those are flying penises.

Also of note, the Roman god of marriage, Mutunus Tutunus, whose name is derived from two Latin slang words for penis. His name is essentially Dick Wiener. If you have ever wondered just how much like us the Romans were, read the etymology section

Oh look.

It’s a flying fuck.

It used to be given, and now look, it’s no more.


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oh, a fascinus